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Entry #43

HEY! Check this out!!!

2013-03-02 02:14:35 by Cristo

I haven't been animating at all recently, don't think it's over though... I have been making it all up with tons of drawings! I have been practicing at drawing more than animating only because I have been so busy with school lately. I have had so much to do and drawing is the only thing I have time for. I put every picture I draw up on my walls in my room, I have about 300+ pictures by now. Once I get back into animating which should be in a few months... I am going to start on my Cristo adventure Series!
This series wont be a bunch of episodes continuing the same story, it will be a bunch of adventure episodes all with different stories, that way I wont get bored of animating the same story and I wont have to worry about the stress and pressure of a series to keep up. I dont want to focus on comedy as much now, I want to lean more onto the side of action adventure! I want a great adventure series that keeps the battles and blood coming! When this all gets started... man wont it be fun!


HEY! Check this out!!!


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